Comprehensive individualized primary and urgent care and person focused mental health services.

Primary + Urgent Care

Concierge medicine brings healthcare to your location—your home or business—with doctors, nurses, and mental health professionals that build a personal relationship with you.

We provide concierge primary and urgent care services, and can even run diagnostics with our portable Butterfly Ultrasound and ECG.

We also offer telemedicine, with a visit from the safety of your own home through your phone, tablet or computer.

Person Focused
Mental Health Services

Our services aim to strengthen the connection between the health and well-being of the body and the mind in a variety of areas – everything from physical habits to various mental health challenges. There is opportunity for preventative measures as well as treatment.

Summit Health Associates, LLC focuses on improving the lives of our patients with the emphasis on holistic living rather than relying on pharmacologic therapies.

About Us

Matthew Howe, RN
Matthew Howe, RN
Matthew Howe is the Program Director of The Plymouth House, New England’s gold standard in addictions treatment. He  presents workshops and talks on addiction and recovery in both Europe and the United States, and is a frequent guest lecturer at Plymouth State University. Matthew is a Registered Nurse, Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor. He holds degrees in psychology, philosophy, and nursing, and is currently training as a nurse practitioner.
Andrew Seefield
Andrew W Seefeld, M.D., FAAEM
Dr. Seefeld is a board certified Emergency Medicine physician, practicing in Plymouth, NH. Dr. Seefeld is the Medical Director of the Emergency Department, Emergency Medical Services as well as the Trauma Program at Speare Memorial Hospital. Dr. Seefeld graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology and a minor in Anthropology. He attended Pennsylvania State College of Medicine where he received his Doctorate in Medicine.
Ali Tetrault, PMHNP
Ali Tetrault, PMHNP
Ali Tetrault is a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) with over a decade of nursing experience to include Acute Oncology, Inpatient Medical/Surgical Nursing, Addictions and Holistic 12 Step Treatment for substance use disorders, as well as 5 years serving a scrub and circulating nurse in the operating room. Ali found across the span of nursing career her true passion remained in mental health and she pursed her Master’s of Nursing for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Ali’s NP training and current work has focused on working with an array of mental health disorders with an Assertive Community Treatment team to include schizophrenia spectrum disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders and post traumatic stress disorder. Additionally, she continues to work for an inpatient detoxification center where she is part of a comprehensive team approach to help people begin or restart their road to recovery.

Our vision

Summit Health Associates, LLC provides comprehensive medical and psychological care to a broad spectrum of patients ranging from those that suffer from mental health issues to those that seek general health care maintenance. Summit Health Associates, LLC primary focus is to improve the lives of their patients with the emphasis on holistic living rather than relying on pharmacologic therapies.


Oftentimes, we aren't thankful for something until it's gone. Don't take your health for granted.

–Marita Kinney

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